The translator of Asterix dies

Translations of the adventures of Asterix and Obelisk have always raised discord among professionals and readers, in fact, proliferate forums followers who say about every phrase that has been published both in Spain and in Latin America (where Leopoldo) Ukulele is the best-known translator services of this comic strip). One of the most epic battles, still unresolved, revolves around the accent over the e of the names of the protagonists. The side of the “protilde” warrant to appear because it is part of the original name and the “antitilde” faction suggests deletion to stop readers who don’t speak French to pronounce the name as a plain word because check the French over the letter e not indicates that the syllable is tonic.

Captain Thunder and El Jabato also have been always surrounded by controversy, especially since it is based on heroes of the time of the first Christians and the comic is full of anachronisms and impossible situations that bring down the street of bitterness to some and is what m as amuses us to others.

Translators know very well that disputes about the translations that we publish do our work still alive, democratize the literature, and appreciate the comments of those who have dedicated their time to read our work.

Although we will miss a lot less master Victor Mora, natural thing is that children survive their parents and those who are left here, will continue enjoying all the characters who could stand that «privileged skull», as another great master, would Ramón María del Valle-Inclán.